UCS PE download pane

Downloading the UCS Platform Emulator for your Home Lab

One of my favorite geek toys in the vSphere lab is my UCS Platform Emulator (UCS PE), which provides a pure software deployment of UCS for testing and tinkering around with. I’ve posted a few videos on how to install and configure the emulator (the entire playlist can be found here), but received some feedback that users would like to know how to actually download the UCS PE in either OVA or ZIP package.

spongebob-ninjaWhile the video above outlines this process in further detail, the gist is:

  • Visit the UCS PE page
  • Locate the OVA or ZIP file package containing the latest UCS PE release
  • Log in using your Cisco SSO account
  • Accept the EULA
  • Download the file

The package is typically ~450 MB in size and requires very little horsepower to run – I’ve installed it in both my full-blown vSphere lab and on VMware Workstation with a laptop. I wish every product had an emulator that operated at this level of awesome – it makes learning and creating configuration files super easy!