Size, Tune, and Forecast Your Virtual Environment with vCOps

Heads up! Mark your calendars for the January 22 BrightTALK Virtualization Management Summit, in which I’ll host a presentation entitled Size, Tune, and Forecast Your Virtual Environment with vCenter Operations Manager at 11 a.m. CST.

As you may have surmised, the focus of this talk will be using VMware’s vCenter Operations Manager product (also known as vCOps).

My webinar mission statement
My webinar mission statement

Per the teaser:

Most virtualized data center workloads are vastly oversized, consuming precious and costly resources that could be otherwise used by the business for competitive advantage. Without proper monitoring and planning tools, administrators are essentially blindfolded, which prevents them from being highly effective at sizing and tuning the virtual infrastructure. Additionally, rapid provisioning demands from the business require accurate forecasts driven by intelligent analytics.

In this webinar, you are in the driver’s seat as we review tackling your virtual environment with vCenter Operations Manager. You’ll take away the following bits of wisdom:

  1. What is vCenter Operations Manager and how can you wield its awesome power?
  2. Tune your performance for common (and uncommon) issues.
  3. Size your data center for current and future capacity.
  4. Leverage forecasting to understand how and when you need to grow.

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