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  1. oespo
    oespo at |

    Any chance you will make a video on this?, using the HP v1910 switch?

  2. david1975
    david1975 at |

    Dear Chris, we use Brocade VDX product in here and I had today a strange recommandation from our vmware partner telling us NOT to use LACP to connect hypervisor to the fabric …

    What is your final though on LACP use in production envrnt ?

  3. david1975
    david1975 at |

    thanks !

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  6. Christian Dadswell
    Christian Dadswell at |

    Great video and a clear explanation of all the options. Thanks Chris!

  7. Eric K. Miller
    Eric K. Miller at |

    Has anyone done a performance any benchmarks comparing the performance of standard vSwitches versus distributed vSwitches (both with and without many features that may slow it down)? As more features are added, it seems logical that performance will suffer. Obviously faster processors will help, but I wonder how CPU-distributed the functions are.

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