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  1. Jason Rahl
    Jason Rahl at |

    Looking at the cost I just don’t see the advantage. I think as a “built in” technology to Enterprise Plus I am sold but as an additional albeit not cheap license I don’t see how it reduces any cost especially if, like I was, exploring using it with View in a remote campus. It adds a significant cost to my license (If I just look at Horizon Suite its ~25% increase). If the idea is for an SMB I can see it sort of, but then an SMB usually does not have the expertise to implement and at what point is the cost close enough that you should explore a different vendor. For an SMB if its expected that a third party has to design, install and more importantly support the environment that increases the cost also. Its too bad. I am not one that says I will not go explore Microsoft as I like VMware technology I just think that with all of the hype around vSAN I was disappointed seeing the pricing.

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  4. Junian Dani
    Junian Dani at |

    I think I can agree with the conclusions. Anyhow, we still need to see or do further research to define the right cost from OpEx perspective especially when it compare to any other conventional or hybrid storage solutions. Thanks for this great post, by the way.

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  7. Pete the Chop
    Pete the Chop at |

    The pricing of vsan probably comes from the same person who thought of the pricing of vSphere 5.0. We considered vsan for a while but a complete physical san could be bought for the same price of only vsan licenses. Where has the sense of reason at vmware gone to?

  8. Ree
    Ree at |

    cloudstack/openstack on r820?

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