Pluralsight Expands Free Training Offer to Multiple VIP Programs

Pluralsight, home of all former TrainSignal content, has been a long time friend of various evangelist and VIP programs among vendors such as VMware’s vExperts and Microsoft’s MVPs. Members of such programs receive a year of free access to the course library, which includes some 3000-ish courses for IT pros, developers, now creative designers. Considering the quantity of members that participate in these programs, that’s an impressive amount of access to provide and requires a non-trivial amount of back-end work to coordinate. It’s one of the many reasons I really enjoy working with the Pluralsight team to create courses.

Recently, I’ve noticed that the list of applicable programs has expanded significantly, encompassing the following (I’ve included links to each program for those curious):

If you’re a member of any of these programs, head on over to the Pluralsight form and snag your year of free training!