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  1. vSphere 4.X heading towards end of General Support Phase on May 2014 - VMwaremine - Mine of knowledge about virtualization

    […] case you missed blog posts from my blogger fellow Chris or simply overlooked this information, General Support Phase for VMware vSphere 4.X ends on […]

  2. Vampires, Zombies, and Ghosts in Your Virtual Data Center - Wahl Network

    […] The good folks over at CloudPhysics have put together a pretty sharp Halloween-themed infographic that contains data from their wide range of environmental data. I found the information to be both useful and interesting, covering nifty topics like Heartbleed vulnerability levels, how bully virtual machines affect sibling workloads, and the use of end-of-life operating systems within virtual machines. One statistic that stuck out for me – over 6.2% of ESXi hosts are still on version 4.x which I called out as being no longer supported in an earlier post. […]

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