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  1. Bob
    Bob at |

    Hey Chris – A little off topic but related, I am looking at moving a vCenter 5.0 installation on a physical box running Windows 2008 (not R2, but 64-bit)/SQL 2008 (again, not R2). I’d like to move to 5.5 on a new VM running Windows 2012 R2 and SQL 2012. Wondering if I can just move the DB and install 5.5 fresh pointing to that DB or if I need to install 5.0 on the new server first and then upgrade in place. To complicate matters, the VMs are using a distributed switch or I could just disconnect/reconnect. Which I still could do if I move the VMs back to standard switches before the migration. Just trying to figure out the best way to make this move. This SSL blog got me thinking about how I was going to do this so thought I would pose the question here.


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  4. Natesh
    Natesh at |

    Even after doing this, we are getting the same error? Is there other way to do this? I’m stuck in this?


    1. William
      William at |

      Hi, I have the same situation, Could you solve this issue?


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