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  1. Shawn Bolan
    Shawn Bolan at |

    I can confirm I see the same on my transcript this morning. I hold 9 different VMware certs, none are showing any expiration dats.

  2. Anthony Hook
    Anthony Hook at |

    I can confirm my VCP(4) VCP5-DCV and VCP5-DT do not currently have expiration dates as well, as I check them today.

  3. Nigel Hickey
    Nigel Hickey at |

    Confirming this also as my VCP5-DCV no longer has the expiration date…cool. 🙂

  4. Ed Grigson
    Ed Grigson at |

    I guess a rejig of the certification program is imminent, presumably to be announced during VMworld. Given how recently they introduced expiration dates I can’t see them abandoning them.

  5. Adam Eckerle (@eck79)
    Adam Eckerle (@eck79) at |

    I noticed this back on July 10th just after I passed the DCA to check if the dates had been updated. So it has been in this state for at least a month.

  6. Cory S.
    Cory S. at |

    So I just checked my VMware certifications out and the expiration dates are gone, but mine still show “VCP Certifications are now accompanied by an expiration date. Learn more” warning above them.

  7. Cedric Megroz
    Cedric Megroz at |

    I noticed that perhaps the version 6 of vSphere will not go out this summer and the old normal timing is version out the summer and you have 6 month to recertified without following a training => final date with this scenario March 2015.
    But now if vSphere 6 will gone out in 2015 all people must recertify with version 5 just for 6 month and again recertify with version 6… not very cool so certainly they will delay the valid date. I hope, I have no time to do two certifications during 6 months,,,

  8. Chris Halverson
    Chris Halverson at |

    Just to confirm again my VCP 3 – 5 are displaying the same thing.

  9. Alexandru Covaliov
    Alexandru Covaliov at |

    Probably they listened to people complains and decided to go with product version certificate instead of 2 years re-certification.
    As I said many times… Microsoft should do re-certification for every Service Pack they release, right? This if to follow VMware idea about coming features inside the same product version. You can’t use your MCSE 2003 certificate at the interview when your potential employer uses Windows 2012 or at present job. Am I wrong here? =)

    1. Shawn Bolan
      Shawn Bolan at |

      VMware Learning has had a ton of press on the Education and Certification blog regarding the benefits of recertification – http://blogs.vmware.com/education/ My guess is that the absence of the expiration dates on the transcripts are more a process issue than VMware abandoning the system (just my opinion).

      Initially the expiration dates where tied only to your latest VCP, not to your latest cert (Advanced cert)…this was termed to be “implemented in the future”. Perhaps what we are seeing is just VMware updating the system/transcripts to tie your recert. date to your latest certification (VCP or Advanced cert)?

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