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  2. alivelarde@yahoo.com
    [email protected] at |

    Thank you so much!!!! Amazon Glacier wanted me to pay to help me with my setup and Synology customer service didn’t know how to help me so asked me to submit a form for an engineer to review my case.
    I was just missing one piece of the puzzle which was to create a group in Glacier.
    Now it is backing up!!!!

  3. G. de Graaf
    G. de Graaf at |

    Thanks for this very handy tutorial.

  4. Lorenzo
    Lorenzo at |

    Thank you. was easy with your help

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  6. Andy Jenkins
    Andy Jenkins at |

    Chris, Excellent article, just what I was looking for!!. Instructions were spot on. Thanks again.

  7. Proxilog (@proxilog)
    Proxilog (@proxilog) at |

    Thanks for this post : we are located in France, and Amazon Glacier in Ireland seems to work fine after setting up the Synology Glacier backup 🙂

  8. Adi
    Adi at |

    Big thumbs up! I’ve had a Synology NAS for a while but procrastinated on getting a remote backup. AWS / Glacier totally geek oriented and following your step by step instructions helped me get it up and running in a jiffy. I’m in Western Canada and backing up to Europe in case the zombie apocalypse hits North America first (or if Donald Duck er Trump is the next American president).

  9. Chestercat
    Chestercat at |

    I hit the “Testing connection failed.” error when entering my Glacier key. For me the issue was that, even though I was able to log into Glacier, create groups, users, permissions, etc., I wasn’t yet enabled. I followed the Support link, and chose the free option, got a phone call, and the support person said I still needed to verify my phone number. After she did that on the phone, and picked the Glacier plan (again), it started working. I thought I’d share in case someone else reads this.

  10. Liam Smith
    Liam Smith at |

    Hi Chris. This guide has been immensely helpful so thanks for writing it up

    Having a few issues though. Even though the test connection works, my backup sets keep failing. However, when I tried to do my first backup – about 1.5TB – it failed. Looking at the logs, it seems to upload a small amount of data, then falls over. Deleted the backup task and set up a new, smaller one. Tried again and it failed again.

    There seems to be some kind of hash mismatch issue but the error message is impossible for me to decypher. If anyone could make some suggestions, that would be appreciated. I’ve copy/pasted one of the log entries below (and anonymised the hash a bit in case it was a security risk!)

    Error=[The value passed in as x-amz-content-sha256 does not match the computed payload hash. Computed digest: 72c436cc71206584fc0ca4c6***dbc6936f7d821210e53c99f2fd4971e9 expected hash: 048a499627f1bf3772f1e09****19c542f3434f].
    Error 2015/07/15 00:36:59 Upload file [/volume1/photo/photos/_Family Photo Archive/FAMILY PHOTOS COLLECTED/Annas Wedding-FromCD-Sep2008/MOV04911.MPG] failed.
    Information 2015/07/14 23:08:04 Start to backup task [AWS Backup2].

  11. Liam Smith
    Liam Smith at |

    Any views guys? Thanks

  12. wimbouman
    wimbouman at |

    Thank you, with your help I managed to create my Glacier back ups! User/groups proc were key, thanks for the great information – spot on!

  13. ampg99
    ampg99 at |

    Thanks for the great tutorial. Now Synology needs to fix the issue that users are having when they want to update their key credentials. I see no way to do this since the system stores the secret key file in some encrypted form. Please let me know if any has a solution for editing your Glacier backup authentication information.

  14. Mike Meeks
    Mike Meeks at |

    Nice tutorial – Thanks for taking the time.

    One question I’m having a hard time to find an answer: If files are backed up – are they over-written the next day – or are they skipped if nothing changes ?

    Looking everywhere for an answer.

  15. Dave
    Dave at |

    Thanks for taking the time to explain something that is utterly confusing for a first time AWS user. It would have taken me hours to figure that out on my own.

  16. Dave C
    Dave C at |

    Since this was posted over a year ago, some things have improved:

    You can now choose to restore an entire archive in the Restore tab, or just a particular file or folder in the Explore tab.

  17. Mauro
    Mauro at |

    Thank for this guide..
    How can i set an email notify for Synology Glacier backup?

  18. dublinedanto
    dublinedanto at |

    Can this method provide any level of versioning, to give protection from a crypto outbreak?

  19. michael
    michael at |

    I’m concerned about the initial full backup and the limited upload speeds. Have you tried Snowball in conjunction with Glacier?

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  21. Patrick
    Patrick at |

    Great tutorial – thanks! The AWS interface and set up was a bit intimidating before reading this guide.

  22. Dennis Tsang
    Dennis Tsang at |

    Hi, thanks for the article. I’m wondering whether the Glacier app uploads the entire data set at every scheduled run or is it an incremental backup?

    1. Atomix
      Atomix at |


      Hi Chris, Thanks for this very brief and good overview. That helps a lot. I would love to use Glacier as well for my most important pictures / docs. However I wonder if the files stored in Glacier are encrypted at the Synology and then uploaded or is there an encryption option at Glacier?

      I would not feel comfortable uploading unencrypted data to Glacier…

      thanks for a quick help

  23. Seng (@sengrson)
    Seng (@sengrson) at |

    I keep receiving a “Testing Connection Failed”. I’ve tried every permutation of setting up the groups, users and policies, as well as activating SSH on port 22. Any other ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

  24. Michael
    Michael at |

    Glacier seems very temperamental. More times than not the service isn’t working when I visit a client’s synology remotely. I performed a retrieved task under restore. This prompts me for the keys and then it says “successfully retrieved” What was retrieved? I don’t want it to write over existing data. I’m not sure what is happening. In closing, I’m not confident backups can be restored when a catastrophe happens.

  25. macfly66
    macfly66 at |

    Hi, a quick question: I have about 100GB photos on my NAS, which are ca. 10000 files. Should I zip them before upload, in case of retrieval, since you have to pay more if you have more files=archives. Or have I misunderstood anything? How can I zip those files on the NAS?


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