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  1. Kenneth
    Kenneth at |

    I’m also in the market for a layer 3 switch for a home lab also. How does the noise level of the HP V1910-24G compare to the SG300?

  2. Boyan
    Boyan at |

    The 28 port version of SG300 is fanless. This is what I am running in my home lab.

  3. nevynxxx
    nevynxxx at |

    Does it have the funky limitation that the SG300-10 has where it can route IPv6, but only to/from 1 vlan?

    1. Gil
      Gil at |

      you need to set the layer 3 system mode, save configuration and reboot. Now it will work.

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  6. Lalit
    Lalit at |

    Thanks for post

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  8. SviatA
    SviatA at |

    I have been trying to figure out all the differences among the main Cisco switch models. But this is almost impossible( I couldn’t even think that it can be that painful to learn all that.
    Whether such a switch – http://hardware.nl/switches/cisco/catalyst/ws-c2950-12.html would be good enough for home use?

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