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  1. javi
    javi at |

    Once again, an excellent and very well explained article!
    thank you so much Chris!

  2. Patrick
    Patrick at |

    The DS414slim supports VAAI-NAS?!

  3. Patrick
    Patrick at |

    That’s pretty cool. Synology was definitely a good choice.

  4. level380
    level380 at |

    Synology has come a long way! Its become one of the more featured cheap Soho NAS units! Great write up!

  5. Steffen Oezcan
    Steffen Oezcan at |

    Hey Chris, thanks for the headsup about the plugin. Should check my Syno too and play a bit.
    Regarding “monitoring if VAAI actually gets used” – I don’t have a host handy atm to check, but couldn’t this also be monitored via esxtops device statistics? I know I know “device”, but… esxtop can do so with block storage, so it *should* also easily be able to do the same with file storage now. At least IMHO, but I can’t check for it atm.
    These esxtop VAAI statistics have been of great help already, for instance figuring out performance issues and driver bugs… http://kb.vmware.com/kb/2065193

  6. vSphere Lab Storage: Synology DS414slim Part 4 – VAAI-NAS Plugin | vcloudnine.de

    […] Wahl wrote a good blog post about the VAAI-NAS plugin some days ago. I really recommend to read this posting. Because of his […]

  7. lalit
    lalit at |

    Good Information

  8. Werner Strydom
    Werner Strydom at |

    I’m finding that only one ESXi host can connect to the NFS share… and that after a reboot the hardware acceleration is “Unknown”.

  9. paulbraren
    paulbraren at |

    Any chance you’ve compared NFS versus iSCSi (block level) for read/write speeds? Not easily done on a whim, given reformat required, just wondering.

  10. Mark Ambrefe
    Mark Ambrefe at |

    Can you still use this same version of the VAAI plugin for vSphere 6? I’m just curious because Synology still has the older plugin version for 5.5 published and I can’t seem to find a newer version.


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