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  1. Richard Powers
    Richard Powers at |

    It’s about time. Hopefully this allows a deploy OVF/OVA files from a DataStore. Instead of over the network.

    Thanks Chris

  2. Angelo
    Angelo at |

    It had to be 1507 to make it a jumbo hack…..

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  5. David Cain
    David Cain at |

    I, too, like the sound of this, we currently have templates in one store, iso files in another, ovf files somewhere else, you get the picture. This should allow us to tidy it up and hopefully keep it synchronised at the DR site too.

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  8. kuver
    kuver at |

    Hi Chris,
    Nice writup and very well explained but Here I done CL PoC but not able to deploy vm from ovf template and I single vcenter with multiple Location based ESXi connected over mpls and wan. I also raised same issue to vmware, they said CL DaataStore not accessible with remote location esxi host that’s the root cause of failure. So do you really think it’s a valid reason and let me know if you have any suggestions for me.

  9. jeff mcdermott
    jeff mcdermott at |

    hi chris, i enjoyed talking during VMUG recently! is there a simple way to edit a template in a content library? e.g. I need to uncheck direct io option on vmxnet3 so that I’m not manually unchecking it on each vm in the future.

    1. William Lam
      William Lam at |

      Hi Jeff,

      Disclaimer: VMware Employee here

      Unfortunately, there is not. You would have to deploy the Content Library Item, make the edit and then check that back into the Catalog. The reason is the VM itself is not stored like a traditional VM Template (which is mostly controlled by a boolean in VC). A VM in Content Library is stored as an OVF which is immutable and this is why you’re not able to edit it directly. This is something I’ve mentioned to the PM already and perhaps this can be supported in the future. Let us know if you have any other feedback.


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