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  1. Edward Grigson
    Edward Grigson at |

    It’s ironic really as I believe Eric Ullanderson is still in charge of VMware’s global technical education program, and he was previously in charge of the certification program at Cisco, so he knows what should be offered. Personally I’m at the point of letting mine lapse as I can’t keep up with the pace of change but that’s probably just me and old age!

  2. Joshua Post
    Joshua Post at |

    I’m glad you are unhappy with the current state of things as well.

    Regarding the VCP, you said
    “This time around, there will be a “streamlined upgrade path.””
    What exactly does that mean, or has VMware not announced it yet?

  3. Hugo Strydom
    Hugo Strydom at |

    I agree will what you have said. I really hope VMW will make the Cert process much easier and less complicated…SOON!

  4. JAndrews
    JAndrews at |

    Erik left about a year ago.

  5. Ben Loveday
    Ben Loveday at |

    Good post Chris, I am also keen to see more clarity on this, particularly in the IX space. Here’s hoping we get the information soon! Cheers

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  7. Marc Bouchard (@SUBnet192)

    This kind of just killed my motivation to do the VCAP-DCA for 5.5… Passed the DCD last year…

  8. Tet Kyaw (@htetk)
    Tet Kyaw (@htetk) at |

    Will current VCAP-DCA and DCD holder get VCIX status OR will there be an upgrade path? Passed DCA last year and now I don’t know I should continue doing DCD 5.5…

  9. Vince
    Vince at |

    Chris, your last paragraph sums up my feelings entirely. This is very disappointing. VMware is turning their certifications into Microsoft’s giant ball of confusion. Likewise I too have been studying for my VCAP550-DCA and was prepping for a 2nd attempt. Now i’m left wondering if I should just wait and sit the VCIX :-/ arrgghh….

  10. wodge
    wodge at |

    I’m a current VCAP5-DCA, working on VCAP-DCD, and have two issues:

    1. How will VCAPs be “upgraded” to VCIX?
    2. It looks like the exams are being made easier (two hours isn’t necessarily easier that four, but given how much was in the VCAPs, they were pretty tough for the whole four hours).This devalues the cert, so its hardly an upgrade.

  11. Sketch
    Sketch at |

    I share the frustrations in most of the sentiments in these comments, but if I’ve learned one thing from VMware/EMC is that they don’t care and won’t listen.

  12. JAndrews
    JAndrews at |

    If you have one current VCAP you ought to wait for VCIX, then one exam = latest cert and you’ll have your existing VCAP.

    No VCAP? If you only want one exam then take a VCAP. Then one exam 1 cert.

    If you wait for VCIX you’ll need 2 exams for 1 cert.

  13. Amy Manley
    Amy Manley at |

    It is very frustrating that my version based cert will expire in March. You still see people touting versions of MCSE Anyways, I was studying for VCAP-DCA. So now what? Wait for all things version 6? Get my vcp-cloud just to stay current? I have to spend more money to keep the certs I studied and worked hard for and now the migration path is clear as mud

    1. JAndrews
      JAndrews at |

      Unless you just started studying, continue with the DCA. That way you get a cert.

      The next question is, do you want to maintain a cert at that level, as you’ll need to also pass VCIX-DCV design to get VCIX-DCV (one Admin + one Design = VCIX).

  14. JAndrews
    JAndrews at |

    >VCIX Design exams have been shortened from 4 to 2 hours. The decreased time does not reflect ease of the exam, but is the result of the exam focusing on new topics only and does not include those covered by prior exams

    This language has been pulled from the roadmap.

  15. wodge
    wodge at |

    Hi Joshua (JAndrews),

    Could you let me know where you got the information that an existing VCAP cert. can be used to contribute towards a VCIX (as you use in your example?)

    I can’t find this information anywhere, so it would then answer the question – many thanks.

    1. JAndrews
      JAndrews at |

      In an email from VMware Certification Operations. I would expect a FAQ out shortly.

  16. wodge
    wodge at |

    Hi Joshua,

    Many thanks for confirming that – it is much appreciated – as I was worried the existing certs. wouldn’t be recognised. Are you able to forward it on?


  17. Scott Vessey
    Scott Vessey at |

    The Certification team decided to make it consistent across all VCP certifications that once you have a VCP you will not need to complete a course to move to another Solution Track. This means that people who earn VCP-NV through a Cisco certification will not need to take a course.

  18. Ben Loveday
    Ben Loveday at |

    To the person who keeps posting derogatorry comments towards VMware and Chris: Please stop, you are the one who is hiding behind a pseudonym and acting in an unprofessional manner.

    While we are all a little annoyed with the possible changes to certification it is nothing new. This is common across all vendor certifications and usually in response to a change in the technology or market. How about we sit tight and see what comes out of it all.

    Once again, thank you Chris for your help to the community and keeping us all updated.

    1. Chris
      Chris at |

      @Ben – no worries, and thank you for the support. I don’t mind comments of just about any sort, but comments with profanity and “I hate X” sites serve no purpose on this blog and will be expunged.

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  20. Bob
    Bob at |

    What a bunch of uncaring money grabbing scammers !! The exams are so far-removed from the certs and whats more is that vmware don’t care one bit about the money and time people spend on certifying .. Especially people who have compled have the VCAP requirement and not only that ,having to make people do and exam to stop their hard earned certs expiring and then still forcing them to take the vcp 6 exam ..seriously WTF ?
    The whole education team are a bunch of wops !

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