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  1. Newsletter: March 8, 2015 | Notes from MWhite

    […] get together.  He has done an Upgrading vSphere Course that looks very good indeed.  Here is his article on it, and here is the table of contents from it – if you have PluralSight access.  I do […]

  2. saif
    saif at |

    hi, can i get the powerpoint presentations for this training please.

  3. Raj Navalgund
    Raj Navalgund at |

    Hi Chris,

    I know you from long, however you may not know me.
    After undergoing PS training on” Upgrading vshpere environment “I felt awesomeness of preparation for upgrade and roll back plans.i impressed my manager 🙂 Thanks for the course on Pluralsight.

    I have some doubt sort of question to you.
    Recently I came across the situation in which my inventory on 5.5 corrupted. but ultimately I got recreate DB, that vm couldn’t help, however I had reinstalled only inventory part, that worked well,

    However may I know what is the best to out of recreating inventory db or reinstalling it ( NB, vcenter was on Physical machine.

    Raj Navalgund
    I recommend all techies around the world to follow you either On plural sight or on Wahl network as it is great source.


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