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  4. gcanales75
    gcanales75 at |

    Hello, this may be a dumb question, but looking at the .ps1 scripts I cannot get how do you manage how frequent you send data to the InfluxDB. How do you handle that?. Task scheduler?

    btw, great post!

  5. Maros
    Maros at |

    Hey Chris, what do you think about using Grafana for network monitoring? Mainly for Resource Utilization and perhaps flow data.

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  8. adriankeithm
    adriankeithm at |

    This is a bit old but wondering if you could help.

    Whenever I try to run the script after running the engine, it shows an error message from vmware-hosts saying, “could not POST to InfluxDB API endpoint”

    I know all of my credentials work, the datasource says that it’s working within Grafana… Any ideas?

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