Synology’s Snazzy New DSM 5.2 is Now Available

Recently, Synology has released DiskStation Manager (DSM) version 5.2. If you’re running a Synology array with a model generation of x10 or greater, the software is free and all of the new features can be found on Synology’s DSM page. For DSM downloads, visit the Synology Download Center.

The 5.2 release contains a lot of neat goodies. During the beta, I started to run Docker with GitLab and Jenkins containers, along with using a trick to sync data to Google’s Nearline storage repository in the cloud. You can read up on those features in the posts below:

All four of my arrays have been upgraded from DSM 5.1 and DSM 5.2 (Beta) to DSM 5.2-5565 release, which are the following models:

  • DS411 (file shares)
  • DS2411+ (lab VMs)
  • ioSafe DS1513+ (file shares, Veeam backups)
  • DS414slim (management VMs)

The update was rather simple for me since I did it during the outage incurred while moving to Austin, Texas. I did notice that my packages on the DS1513+ (an ioSafe box) needed an update because it was running the 5.2 Beta code – make sure to check your packages and containers to update those that are on beta code (if you ran the beta).

My lab is now back online and running file services and virtual machines. Upon first login to DSM 5.2, there’s even a handy little help screen that pops up to answer questions on DSM, packages, and features. Enjoy!