An Exciting Field Day Filled with Virtualization in Boston

That’s right, boys and girls, the Tech Field Day crew is rolling into Boston for the fifth iteration of Virtualization Field Day. Over the years, I’ve written about a number of other Field Day events that focused on general technology, storage, and virtualization. The premise is simple: gather a bunch of snazzy vendors with snazzy IT professionals for small, two hour briefings, and broadcast the whole thing live. You get to see our furious tweeting as we chat with vendors on their latest and (hopefully) greatest solutions being brought to market, and often with folks that are recently emerged from stealth.

Virtualization Field Day 5, hashtag #VFD5, will be held in Boston from June 24th through the 26th. The following vendors have been announced thus far and will be presenting:


Lots of great logos, and even a few that I’ve not chatted with before. Specifically Rubrik, which just received a $41M Series B investment; Ravello, a nested virtualization play that recently emerged from private beta; and OneCloud, which appears to focus on cloud-based disaster recovery. The others are returning champs and I’m sure they’ve got some interesting updates since the last time we’ve spoken, which is superb!

Remote Participation

If you’d like to follow along with the fun, here’s how to participate:

  • Watch the event live on the Tech Field Day site from Wednesday, June 24th, through Friday, June 26th.
  • Follow the #VFD5 hashtag on twitter and poke the delegates with questions to pass along to vendors.
  • Catch the video recordings on the Virtualization Field Day 5 page, usually posted within 24-48 hours after the event.