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  1. BrianK
    BrianK at |

    Thanks for the write up! We just renovated the basement in our house and I have a small home office setup there. Been looking at options for standing desks and this looks like a strong canidate.

    In regard to an online timer, check out https://www.toggl.com/, it has the simplicity of a start/stop timer, but also has powerful reporting. For single users most options are free. Most of the subscription features revolve around teams. Note: I am not affilliated with toggl, I just think it is a cool tool to keep track of what you do on any given day.

  2. David
    David at |

    Awesome post Chris! SO well written, as usual !

    I too just started using a standing desk with dual monitors (and even, periodically, the tomato timer). I’m already loving the whole setup as well.

    BrianK – I’m going to checkout the site you recommend as I’d like to have more reporting on my work habits (for good or bad) 🙂

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

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  6. chris malhoit
    chris malhoit at |

    Apparently there is a hormone clock in our bodies which, after 2 hours of sitting or of inactivity, sends a signal to deposit fats in our bellies and in other undesirable places. Simply standing up RESETS that clock thereby preventing those deposits.

    Thanks for all the research and the tips not only on the StandDesk, but also on the Pomodoro method.

  7. sueshapiro
    sueshapiro at |

    Thanks for writing up your experience. I’m debating between the Nextdesk and the jarvis which these days often gets rated the best. Anyone have experience with both of these? It’s difficult making a decision when I can’t try them both out


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