Check Out Our New Podcast – Datanauts!

In a recent release of Tech Reckoning, John Troyer states that “podcasts and newsletters in 2015 feel a lot to me like blogs in 2005” due to their personal and intimate nature. As an avid podcast listener myself, I couldn’t agree more. Blogging is certainly one way to communicate ideas and works well for visuals and diagrams, while other media formats – such as videos on my YouTube channel – are helpful for step-by-step instructions. Podcasts provide a platform for telling a rich story full of the sounds and emotions that create a lasting experience.

Over the past year, I’ve had a desire to craft a podcast that focuses on my home turf: the enterprise data center and all of the myriad of components that live within. This is a vast ecosystem to cover and includes storage, network, compute, backup, monitoring, security, management, automation, physical kit, cloud, convergence, and so much more. Who better to partner with, I mused, than my good friend and industry colleague Ethan Banks. For those that don’t know Mr. Banks, he’s a co-founder of the Packet Pushers, blogger at Ethan Banks on Networking, and incredibly smart technical architect. He’s also spent over five years cranking out quality podcasts for the Packet Pushers and other community channels.


Ethan and I have built a new podcast called Datanauts. It’s a play on the combination of Data Center and Astronauts. It’s short, easy to say, and hopefully easy to remember. Datanauts is currently incubating over in the Packet Pushers Community Channel, a podcast soup for people to spin up ideas to see how listeners react. We’ll work to produce an episode every other week. If we gain enough traction with you, our audience, we’ll elevate Datanauts into its own channel.

The first episode of Datanauts was released on June 12 and focuses on hyperconvergence with our special guest Scott D. Lowe from Actual/Tech Media. Here’s the synopsis:

The latest form factor, hyper-converged infrastructure, seems to be storming through the data center market like a thundering donkey with a rainbow laser cannon. Join the Datanauts as they pick apart the pros and cons of hyper-converged, ramble on about architecture and design challenges, and shine a piercing light into a dark and murky corner of the next generation data center!

Sound interesting? If so, give it a listen, subscribe via iTunes | Android | RSS, and please provide feedback to let us know how we did! You can use the comments below or use the official Packet Pushers contact page.