vBrownBag Presentation – Scripting and Versioning with PowerShell ISE and Git Shell

While at VMworld 2015 in the US, I delivered a brief presentation that outlines my usage of PowerShell ISE profiles and the Git Shell (for Windows) to version my PowerShell scripts entitled Scripting and Versioning with PowerShell ISE and Git Shell. Since this is focused on being an introduction, I leave out GitHub in favor of Dropbox to distribute my code across my local devices. This is a good first step to understanding how Git works, without having to take the full plunge into remote repositories with GitHub. I certainly encourage taking that next step once you feel comfortable with versioning using Git.

For the full deck, visit this SlideShare page. This video is loosely based on work published in the Crafting Better PowerShell Code with ISESteroids and How to Configure a PowerShell ISE Theme and User Profile posts.