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  1. klutch14u
    klutch14u at |

    Can’t get this to run, at all. Just kicks me back to the prompt in PS like I didn’t do anything

  2. Ron
    Ron at |

    Are you sure disabling CBT, taking a snapshot, deleting a snapshot, and re-enabling CBT clears the corrupted CBT data on a running VM? VMware’s KB article wants us to power down the VM first.


  3. Ron
    Ron at |

    Is there a way to see which VMs have corrupted CBT data? Was it 100% fail rate for all VMs on 6.0 using CBT, or did the bug randomly affect only some VMs?

  4. Viktor
    Viktor at |

    PowerCLI v5.8. Verified – can connect to vCenter, run build in commands.
    Reset-CBT does not do anything, just returns to the prompt.


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