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    Uptime Cloud Monitor supports monitoring REST APIs on a completely SAAS based model.
    The setup is quick and easy. You can configure the REST API URL, the REST method (GET/ POST/ PUT/ DELETE), request parameters (if any), credentials required (if any), the monitoring frequency, the geographic location of the monitoring stations (from a choice of 15 stations across the globe). You can match the REST API response body against a specific string to ensure that the response is as expected.

    You can also configure alerts (notified via SMS, Email, PagerDuty etc) to be triggered based on API downtime, performance degradation or API response verification failure.

    More details on REST API Monitoring:

    More details on Uptime Cloud Monitor Pricing options:

    You can sign up for a 14 day free trial of Uptime Cloud Monitor here:

    Disclaimer: I work at Uptime Cloud Monitor.


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