Returning to Interop to Talk Storage, Virtualization, and Data Center Architecture

The heady whirlwind of conference season is once again rearing its majestic head. This year, I’m really excited to share that I’m returning to Interop to present on various topics related to data center architecture, storage, and virtualization. If you’re new to this show, I highly suggest going – it’s largely vendor independent and features an army of industry veterans to share and teach their experiences. Here’s my review of last year’s show.

Sound promising? Let me sweeten the deal. Use promo code 20WAHL for 20% off the on-site rate of 2, 3 and 5-day conference passes. Booya!

Here’s where you can find me to talk shop:

Ask the Experts Panel Session – Virtualization & Data Center Architecture

With the speed that datacenter technologies are moving, how does one stay on top of things? How do we keep things moving forward to bring value to the business? In this panel session you can ask the experts. We will talk about the direction datacenter is going and how to look forward into the future instead of constantly living in the past. Server virtualization has been here and now we move towards the future of the datacenter and fluid architectures.

Virtualizing Workloads on Next-Generation Storage Platforms

The past decade has been a whirlwind for the storage array market, with design and components rapidly iterating through new designs, architectures, and dazzling features. However, all of these fancy new storage solutions are severely limited when enterprise storage and virtualization teams don’t come together to embrace the most up-to-date designs. Many of yesterday’s best practices can, in fact, often hurt performance or further increase complexity.

In this session, virtualization guru Chris Wahl takes a look at how to best take advantage of different flavors of storage products with prescriptive designs in mind. You’ll take a journey through server-side acceleration, all-flash arrays, tiered storage, network protocols for connectivity, and building virtual machines to harness the performance of your storage investment.