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  2. vikrant
    vikrant at |

    Wow great , VMware Finally announced the vSphere 6.5 , vSphere 6.5 is a one of the most feature rich releases of vSphere. VMware has done a lot of improvement and added some new features in vcenter server appliance like migration, improved Appliance management ,vmware update manager , High Availability and Backup / Restore ,its really awesome. The best part is vCenter Server 6.5 has a new native high availability solution that is available exclusively for the vCenter Server Appliance. that is amazing . Thanks for this information .The way you explained each and everything is really great . Thanks once again

  3. Tom Jones
    Tom Jones at |

    VMware has never been able to produce a web version of the vCenter client that works very well. Not surprised that they released this information at Barcelona and not US. Many of the ‘appliances’ run into issues such as logs directories filling up causing the application to quit working. I am sad to hear that VMware is completely moving away from Windows based servers. Not that I am a huge fan of MS, but the vCenter server was always stable on that platform. Now they are enforcing this appliance strategy that seems to run into issues and dealing with support is like going to the dentist for a root canal every six months. Half the time, you get knee deep then can’t figure out the problem and ask us to reinstall. Sorry VMware, but you are starting to suck….welcome to Microsoft land.

    1. inb4
      inb4 at |

      the HTML5 client is a huge improvement, and managing the vCenter services via SSH is much simpler than dealing with the windows box. It’s just not “normal” for windows folks. I was one of them until I forced myself to do it, now I would never go back. Have yet to run into major vCSA issue myself.

      1. INDYTECH
        INDYTECH at |

        I couldn’t disagree more. We actually migrated away from the vCenter appliance TO a VIRTUAL vCenter Running Windows. Not because of manageability, but because the vCenter appliance was constantly breaking for various reasons (usually during the patch process). I got tired of having to roll back snapshots to undo failed updates. We had to start over with a completely new virtual appliance on at least two occasions over a three year period. Since going back to Windows, there have been zero problems.

      2. BigIUFan
        BigIUFan at |

        I am reasonably certain you are in the minority regarding all the problems you had with the VCSA. For all intents and purposes it has been bullet-proof for us. There is no way I can say that about the Windows version. VMware made the right call.

  4. vervoortjurgen
    vervoortjurgen at |

    cool! to bad i coudnt make it to VMworld. I missed alot i see. will vcloud director 8.1 work with vSphere 6.5?

  5. Mike
    Mike at |

    Great write-up Chris!

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  7. Mordock
    Mordock at |

    Really big problem. The VCSA migration wizard will not work for Win 6.5 to VCSA 6.5. Big oversight

  8. invisible
    invisible at |

    I have a problem with Update manager. My VCSA is dual homed – external interface communicates with Internet to download patches/updates and internal interface is used to communicate with hosts.

    I’ve added second interface after installation was over and adding/communicating with ESxi hosts are not a problem. However, after several hours of trying I can’t manage to change the IP address for the Update Manager. I Update manager to use internal interface’s IP address for host communication but no matter what I tried – it only shows the external interface’s IP address or FQDN.

    Any solution?

  9. pat
    pat at |

    Quick Question – SInce VCSA is free, where do I get the license key before the 60 day trial expires?


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