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  1. NerdyBarry
    NerdyBarry at |

    Hey Chris – I’ve been meaning to check out Vester since I heard you mention it on a podcast a couple weeks ago; I think it was RunAs Radio. This just gives me that extra motivation to check it out. I had the idea of using PowerShell as a configuration management tool for vSphere but I lacked the time/knowledge/experience to actually put it in place. I’m glad smarter people than me took up the cause!

    I tried joining the Slack channel you mentioned but it looks like it’s only for VMware and EMC employees; it says you need a @vmware.com or @emc.com email to register. Does that sound accurate? I’m a Slack noob so I could be doing it wrong…

  2. lowercasew
    lowercasew at |

    I used Vester shortly after seeing your session at VMworld and loved it. I will certainly take a look at the 1.0 release and check it out! 🙂

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  4. ckotte
    ckotte at |

    Can I completely replace host profiles with this?

  5. joschua
    joschua at |

    Hi, i just started this week using Vester and create some additional Tests for Cluster and Network. I tried do build a Test for Portgroups but there is only a scope for VDSwitches (vds), how do i get Vester aware for Portgroups?

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