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    “Pricing seems relatively competitive, with many examples of Oracle Cloud pitted against AWS with all items being cheaper.”

    Making a price comparison is really a headache unless there’s been more transparency in recent months. This November, 2016 post reports that it may not be the case that “all items are cheaper.” http://www.micoresolutions.com/aws-vs-oracle-cloud-pricing/

    I’d be interested to see a more current analysis of this.

    “For the remainder – the 95% or so of general purpose and “simpler” applications – the use of Ravello can be leveraged to essentially do a binary copy of the applications directly into Oracle’s cloud offering.”

    Unless something has changed, an application on Ravello isn’t suitable for production. At least this was the case pre-acquisition.

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    Right, I understand the performance improvements that were alluded to. I guess I’d say in response that:
    –Ravello themselves say on their site “run your VMware/KVM development, test, training and demo environments in the cloud without migration” Production isn’t mentioned, though one would expect it would headline since it would be a big deal.
    –not seeing any success stories from people running prod.

    If people are running prod, it would be great to hear their experiences.

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    Thanks for the clarification. In the absence of Ravello or customers providing case studies of production workloads, in the normal sense, being hosted on Ravello’s nested virtualization, I’ll assume their tech is limited to dev/test/etc, just as Ravello mentions on their site.

    So, no lift and shift of an enterprise’s total apps to Ravello. That’s in line with what one would expect since prod workloads have latency requirements, especially in the long tail of the response distribution, that would be tough to meet with this tech.

    I’d be happy to be shown wrong and this could be the focus of a podcast that would have a lot of interest.

  4. Oracle Announces Ravello on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure | penguinpunk.net

    […] “Ravello is an overlay cloud that enables enterprises to run their VMware and KVM workloads with DC-like (L2) networking ‘as-is’ on public cloud without any modifications”. It’s pretty cool stuff, and I’ve covered it briefly in the past. They’ve been around for a while and were acquired by Oracle last year. The held a briefing day for bloggers in early 2017, and Chris Wahl did a comprehensive write-up here. […]

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