Catch the Datanauts Podcast Live Recording at Microsoft Ignite 2017

A little of two years ago, Ethan Banks and I released the very first episode of the Datanauts Podcast to talk about Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) with Scott D. Lowe. Since then, we’re published nearly 100 episodes that focus on breaking down technology silos for the enterprise engineer. It is one of the most fun things I get to do on a regular basis and I have learned a ton from the experience.

Topics have ranged from conferences, certifications, cloud, coding, storage, networking, soft skills, and much more. I’m a bit blown away every time Ethan tells me what the average download rates are for the show and to hear so much positive and constructive feedback when I travel around the world to talk with technology professionals. Blogging is still something I enjoy doing, but podcasting takes it to a whole new level. ūüôā

In another silo-busting maneuver, the Datanauts are attending a new conference in 2017 –¬†the Microsoft Ignite conference in Orlando, Florida taking place September 25th – 29th. Woah!

You can find us at the podcasting booth from 16:00 – 17:00 on Tuesday, September 26th, doing a live show that will be published the following morning. While the show content is up for grabs (have an idea?), we’re both very happy to learn how welcome Microsoft is to¬†podcasters that want to fly in to chat about technology and appreciate the complimentary pass to Ignite. With so many really interesting solutions, technologies, and people to chat with on the show, I’m certain we’ll craft some fun content for your ears to jam out with.

More Details on Microsoft Ignite

This is my first time attending Ignite; I’m working off a set of blank expectations. My main hope is to network with as many listeners of the show as possible to better understand how you are using various Microsoft technologies – from Azure and Azure Stack to PowerShell and various SaaS applications – so that we can pass that intel on to you, our loyal listeners. And, for those looking for the latest in nerd fashion, we’ll have a ton of the brand new Datanauts Podcast stickers to hand out so you can strut your gear in style. Just come say hello and ask for one. No charge!

While you’re waiting for the conference to start, I can also share that I’ve contacted a number of folks who are experts in the Microsoft Azure world and will be talking about …

  • Infrastructure as a Service with Jennelle Crothers,¬†Developer and Platform Evangelism, Microsoft
  • the recently released Azure Stack with Ned Bellavance,¬†Enterprise Architect,¬†Anexinet and the¬†AnexiPod Podcast
  • … and much more!

These shows are in addition to our already published snazzy show with¬†Brett Johnson, a senior consultant at VMware, talking about his Microsoft MCSA lab using Chef¬†– I’d suggesting checking out his open source project on GitHub! With that said, I hope to see as many of you at the Microsoft Ignite show – and all the other shows I plan to participate with – as possible. Cheers!