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  1. LucD
    LucD at |

    But can it collapse regions? ?

    Seriously though, i concur, VSC is a great, free IDE for a PowerShell coder (f/m).
    There’s a ton of features, a wealth of extensions and a very active, community driven development cycle.

    Try it out, you won’t go back to your previous editor.

  2. Gyz
    Gyz at |

    I tried VSC already a couple of times but go always quickly back to ISESteroids and life is good. All the nice features of ISEsteroids makes me feel comfortable creating or editing scripts. I don’t have this with VSC, even with all the Powershell extensions enabled. Maybe I’m not yet ready to have this developer-centric editor. As a Sysadmin I would still prefer Microsoft would invest some more time in the ISE and at least give me a choice..

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  4. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    I love VS Code for editing my PoSH scripts, but I am amazed that MS has still not incorporated macro recording/playback. I still have to turn to Notepad++ frequently to adjust things. It’s really annoying.


  5. James Cruce
    James Cruce at |

    I have been using PowerShell ISE with ISE Steroids and I love it. I will have to give VSC a chance. It sounds awesome with the git integration.

  6. miroman
    miroman at |

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  7. Wright Tina
    Wright Tina at |

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