Upcoming VMUG Presentations in Norway, Scotland, and Italy

Howdy and salutations to all of my delightful readers. As a quick update, I wanted to share some upcoming events in which I’ll be participating with the hopes of see you there! In this case, I’m referring to VMware User Group (VMUG) events taking place during the close of this year.

Norway VMUG Meetings

Starting off are a series of meetings throughout Norway. As a bit of trivia, my family roots spread fairly deep into this lovely country and I am quite excited to be back. My highlighted two talks are split between something more Rubrik focused with Policy-Driven Data Protection for VMware Environments – A Rubrik Deep Dive along with something near and dear to my heart with a hug for Vester via Auditing and Enforcing a Consistent vSphere Configuration using PowerShell and Pester.

I’ll start the tour in Oslo on 17th October, continuing on to Trondheim on 18th October, and finishing over in Bergen on 19th October. Make sure to register if you’re around on those dates. I’ll have plenty of Wahl Network and Datanauts stickers on hand and would love to chat about various technologies with my fellow VMware peoples!

Scotland VMUG Meeting

Next on the tour is a place that has had a prominent spot on my bucket list for many years – Edinburgh, Scotland! After the really nice bribe gift of fine Glenkinchie 12 scotch, I had to add this to my schedule. You can join me on 26th October to hear an updated version of my My Journey to Full Stack Engineering talk.

Plus, it looks like Nico Vibert has an NSX slot and needs hecklers. 🙂

Italy VMUG UserCon

The final stop on my VMUG tour concludes with Milan, Italy on 14th November. I have honestly been trying to wiggle my way into this popular conference for a handful of years. It’s exciting to finally visit Italy for the first time, especially for such a great reason!

I’ll be presenting again on my love for Vester with Auditing and Enforcing a Consistent vSphere Configuration using PowerShell and Pester. Plus, a few other surprises that I have rolled up my sleeves.

The lineup looks fantastic. I see that Emad Younis will be keynoting on the VCSA, which we talked about previously on the Datanauts during episode 79 entitled Designing For The vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA). Also, Frank Denneman and Niels “the other guy” Hagoort have a session on their fantastic vSphere 6.5 Host Resources Deep Dive book that is absolutely crushing it on Amazon. Coincidentally, we talked about this and other nerdy topics during Datanauts episode 83 entitled Diving Deep Into vSphere Host Resources. There are several others that I look forward to seeing and hearing from as well, so please do add this to your diary if you’re near Milan on the 14th of November.