An Introduction to RESTful APIs

Hey folks! I know that RESTful APIs often appear on this blog as something worth digging deeper into. The power of being able to programmatically control your data center and cloud environments by way of automation is a tantalizing thing, and RESTful APIs only make that easier due to language choice, vendor independence, and the ability to construct complex workflows.

Interestingly enough, the vBrownBag crew has been running a project called the API Zero to Hero Series. I was lucky enough to provide input into the agenda prior to the release, along with presenting the first video in the series entitled An Introduction to RESTful APIs. In this video, I run through these topics (video time stamps included):

  • Imperative vs Declarative (2:20)
  • Avoid building by hand (4:25)
  • Learning a RESTful API is really easy (7:10)
  • What is REST (7:55)
  • Why learn RESTful APIs? (10:00)
  • Idempotent (11:50)
  • Building an API Call (13:00)
  • Terms to know (18:00)
  • Demo with vSphere 6.5 APIs (22:25)
  • Q&A (46:00)

My hope is that you find this content interesting and continue down the path set forth by the vBrownBag team to learn more. And there’s so much more! At this moment, there’s already 7 other awesome video in the API Zero to Hero Series playlist:

So, what are you waiting for? Go devour this delightful bounty of beautiful video goodness while polishing up your bodacious bundle of API skills! :)