Certified Kubernetes Administrator Study Guide

Creating a study guide is an enjoyable process in which one gets to read documentation, perform experiments in a lab, and then write down informative bits of detail. This combination of read, do, write concretely plants knowledge into most people’s noodle. As such, I have just begun building out a study guide for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam. And I say cube-cuddle!

Normally, I’d just plow through this process as an individual and publish content after completion. However, I think we all feel a bit more isolated than normal, so I am stepping out of my comfort zone and doing live streams and live coding over on my new Twitch channel!

Each stream tackles different objectives resulting in new commits made to the open source and completely free CKA study guide repository. I don’t admit to being any sort of expert on Kubernetes, but that’s the fun part. Expect a lot of Kubernetes related content for the next few months. ?

First Stream Highlights

In my first stream, we wrote a Terraform configuration to deploy an AWS Auto Scaling group from a Launch Template that automatically loads most of the dependencies needed by kubeadm for cluster initialization. This makes is trivial to pump out any number of EC2 instances and tinker around with the first exam objective.

A number of folks dropped by to ask questions about the exam, the Terraform code being written, and to provide support. I appreciate everyone who stopped by so very much! I started off a bit nervous and quiet but slowly got the rhythm of things and started having fun.

Next Steps

Please accept a crisp high five for reaching this point in the post!

If you’d like to learn more about Containers, or other modern technology approaches, head over to the Guided Learning page.