Coding Projects

I started my career as a developer focused on COBOL and Fortran, then switched over to network engineering and systems administrator, and now have found myself blending the two worlds. If you’re interested in following my various coding developments and open source projects, check out the resources below.


Most of my code can be found on GitHub under @chriswahl and @WahlNetwork.


The most prolific project in my personal portfolio was Vester – an open source tool that provided configuration management for VMware vSphere environments based on PowerShell and Pester. I have since archived the project, but was blown away by the 150+ stars and heavy investment from the community and my snazzy maintainers.

Watches and stars and forks – oh my!

Rubrik’s PowerShell Module

As an employee of Rubrik, I created our first open source project – a PowerShell Module for administrators and operators to leverage when working with our Cloud Data Management platform. This was a “from scratch” project that I kicked off the first week of employment that is now in use by thousands of individuals around the world that also has thousands of commits based on my third generation SDK design. It has grown from being a solo adventure into a project that has 25+ contributors from internal and external organizations.

The first commit.

Other Notable Projects

A few other projects that I enjoyed working on:

  • Roxie, a personal digital assistant using AWS Lambda and AWS Lex along with some lightweight python and node code.
  • Docker (Moby), my first public contribution to a major open source project. I corrected a spelling error and forced myself to leave my comfort zone with a pull request.
  • Roxie at Rubrik, a series of workshops developed for administrators and operators to get their hands dirty with APIs, RESTful design, and some common scripting / programming languages.
  • VMware NSX Tools, a collection of very ugly PowerShell scripts that I cobbled together when first learning how to call an API and build modular scripts. The tool would create a complex arrangement of NSX switches, routers, edge gateways, and link them all together as desired.