Vote For The Top Virtualization Blogs, Win A Cookie


The entire blog-o-sphere of virtualization and VMware related blogs have massively erupted, like a doomsday volcano, with information around the annual Top Blog voting on vSphere-Land. And so I thought I’d post my own little two cents on the Interwebs!

Eric Siebert, the master mind behind the vLaunchpad on vSphere-Land, puts in an epic amount of time on the survey – which is greatly appreciated – to help showcase blogs that give back to the community.

The Pitch

As an independent blogger (no corporate or vendor backing, just me and my spare time), I’m curious: have you found any of the over 200 technical posts, home lab builds, product reviews, deep dives, or YouTube videos informative and helpful over the past several years? Do you have this site bookmarked, in your RSS feed, or delivered to your email box as a Subscriber?

If so, my deepest thanks! Also, what better way to show the love than by taking two minutes out of your day to go vote for the Wahl Network!


Click me … I’m shiny!

My Take On This?

Eric points out four different suggested criteria for picking out a blog: longevity, length, frequency, and quality. I’d like to believe that this site can stand on its own in each of those arenas, and have worked diligently to pour a liberal amount of quality and effort into each post at a pace of roughly two per week. I do not subscribe to the idea of “sponsored posts” and make sure that all material is my genuine opinion on the subject.

Some popular posts I’ll spotlight include:

cookieComments Welcome

Feel free to post a comment that you voted below, and I will provide both a virtual high-five and, as promised, a cookie (also virtual).